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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bag of Bones Mike Noonan, a novelist. He begins by describing the death of his wife four years ago, and his grief and the writer's block. Up after his wife's death, Noonan had been publishing a book a year. But he'd written 4 other manuscripts and putting them in a safe deposit box. One at time, these manuscripts are appearing Black House Stephen King and Peter Straub are back with the long awaited sequel to The Talisman. Retired detective Jack Sawyer must revisit his past to save a small boy who has been kidnapped by the Crimson King, and solve murders plaquing the town of French Landing. In classic King/Straub style, Black House is filled with past and present, interwoven with fantasy and reality....Carrie Carrie introduced a distinctive new voice in American fiction Stephen King. The story of misunderstood high school girl Carrie White, her extraordinary telekinetic powers, and her violent rampage of revenge remains one of the most barrier-breaking and shocking novels of all time. DON'T YOU JUST LOVE STEPHEN
KING??????????????????? Stephen King

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